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We peel back the surface rationale to reveal the underlying attitudes, behaviors and beliefs that unlock discovery. 

You’ll understand the whys, emotional as well as practical, in a deep and meaningful way so that you can design strategies in response.

Whether your specific situation calls for interviews or groups, conducted online, on the phone or in person, we look for research processes that fit you best.

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Learn from your customers’ decisions

Some of the reasons your clients or customers or constituents have for using a product or service might surprise even you.


Without bringing preconceptions or assumptions to the table, Beetrix helps you see an important decision-making experience or buying process with fresh eyes.


You’ll not only gain the details you know you need about what they do, how they feel, and who or what influences their decisions, but you’ll discover the unexpected, sometimes ugly realities that otherwise might have led you astray.

Our approach to exploring and detailing selection processes helps our clients successfully meet their goals for new product launches or program redesigns. We do this work in many contexts, such as Medicare plans, financial advisory services, and raw materials for industrial production to name a few.

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Our sophisticated, discerning and empathetic approach works especially well for getting you the information you need to design communications and programs that resonate.


For example, we’ve helped an organization develop credibility for its work in supportive housing for younger adults with physical disabilities, and we provided the input necessary for a company to re-position its beloved consumer product.

Really hear the authentic voices of your customer

When there’s something you want to understand better, sometimes you need to go deeper into emotions. 


By applying insights from social science, we creatively design interviews or groups to uncover a rich understanding of people’s sense of their world and how products or services or social change fits in.


We instill the trust necessary for people to open up, listen to them in their own words, let them tell stories, leverage their language and images, and find what matters.

The amplified voices and multi-dimensional layers of meaning that emerge are often surprising, enlightening and deeply informing.

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